The Platform for Agile Marketing

With actioncy you can manage multichannel marketing plans across internal and external teams. Turn big ideas into action.

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Why actioncy?

Marketing operations processes and technologies can do more
to help marketers create better marketing.

We want a new marketing environment that is lean, transparent and
rapidly brings skilled partners together.


Focussing on speed of execution, iteration
and impact


Empowering partners to reduce overhead for them and you


Enabling open multi-channel collaboration

We’ve got you covered

Actioncy is created by marketers for marketers and is built on the idea of empowering internal and external teams.

Marketing requirements

Save time on research with a list of up-to-date requirements across common marketing channels.

• Have confidence that what you deliver is right

• Get more out of the channels that work for you the best

A table showing marketing requirements for a social media action

Unified marketing plans

Multi-channel marketing plans created quickly and managed by internal and external teams.

• No more keeping track of multiple documents

• Share the planning and reporting effort to save time and move fast

A marketing plan with two people talking about one of the actions

Get help when needed

Great marketing is done together. Get help from our marketing producers or agency network.

• Free your team from ops tasks to focus on strategy and insights

• Kick off professional marketing faster or extend your existing team.

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Ready to get going?

Get in touch with us today and a member of our team will show you around

How we are helping marketers

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Batteries included

Marketing's common channels and actions are already in our platform so you can start planning instantly.

Showing that its free for internal teams

Free for internal use

Our platform is free of charge until you invite external teams such as agencies or freelancers. They will bill you on a pass-through-cost basis.

Maintain ownership

All involved teams submit their proposals straight into your plan. Bridge the gap between idea and execution.

A marketing plan with clear actions and times

Be in control

A unified view across channels and teams ensures everyone has visibility of what is happening and when.

We believe a better marketing is possible.

Get started with actioncy today.

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