Actioncy. was founded to make a focused, open and agile marketing operation possible.

How we got here

We love the exciting part of marketing which marries art, technology and insights - celebrating ideas and supporting growth.

Recently the relationship got difficult: unsafe brand environments, turf wars, ad fraud, and hyper targeting at the cost of reach, unity and optimism.

It is time to do better, empower marketers and makers to use a richer marketing mix, work with trusted partners and grow our businesses together.

What we believe in


Your company, your brand and your customers at the centre of all action


Open, multi-partner, multi-channel collaboration over silo thinking and operations


Strategy, ideas and impact over hyper-optimisation and attribution turf wars


Speed of execution, iteration and impact over hyper-optimization


Data for learning and achieving together with faster more accurate reporting


Increased accountability and transparency for every action

Our work

Take a look at what we have been working on recently, and what is coming up. You can vote on ideas, letting us know what’s important to you, and also make your own suggestions.

Contact us

Send an email to or swing by and pay us a visit at Tentacle Zone.