A buyers' club for games marketing.

Team up with other game companies to get better service, more activity and richer insights for your budget.

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How it works

We are a group of experienced marketers, artists and agencies from the games industry. We offer ambitious studios a scalable entrance to impactful marketing. Our service is best suited to studios who are in the process of building their self-publishing capability, or who want to raise their profile until publishers or more investors are found.

Agree the work

The actioncy. team works with you to figure out what marketing activity will deliver the most value for your strategy and title.

Form a group

Come together with other studios and pool your resources to access next level marketing services usually only available to larger companies.

Execute and improve

Our dedicated marketers coordinate, implement and continuously monitor your activity with your internal and external teams.

Unlock the next stage of growth.

Marketing is a core business function that is hard to get right, especially in the early and scaling up stages of your studio. Our buyers' club offers you an affordable, proven and transparent way to make sure you get all the marketing resource and expertise you need.

Stronger together.

Putting resources together with like-minded companies is a proven recipe in the games industry and beyond - whether joining incubators, sharing office space or teaming up to secure that valuable, central event space. Running marketing as a 'Buyers' Club' is the next logical step.

Choose what you need.

There aren't any one-size-fits-all solutions in marketing. We are making sure your mix of services, channels and actions are specific to your title's and company's individual needs.

Save time coordinating and planning.

Our experienced marketers help you with the coordination of internal and external teams. Your marketing campaign's actions and requirements are clearly presented to you in our free marketing planner application.

Over 15 years marketing experience

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How much does it cost? Is there a minimum term we need to commit to?

Our Starter Package costs £2,000 per month for a 3-month minimum term. We offer packages that transparently scale according to your budget and needs. We've decided to apply a minimum term because marketing activity will show its effects over time. Only when we spend enough time we can continuously optimise, apply learnings and create meaningful success.

What range of marketing services are included?

We know that marketers sometimes can get a bit carried away with jargon, so we want to keep the Buyers' Club offering clear. We named this company actioncy. because action is what we're committed to delivering! We cover marketing strategy (e.g. marketing briefs, audience definitions, forecasts) and marketing tactics (e.g. social media creative, gameplay trailer, digital store optimisation). Register for interest below and we'll happily show you the entire list of Buyers' Club marketing services.

Which platforms do you cover? And what about game types - is this available to premium and free-to-play titles?

Our team and network of experts have worked across all major platforms, genres and business models. Just get in touch and we happily provide you with our references. If we don't have the right expertise at hand we bring in the partners that do. Our company is a tech company, and we are not competing with consultants or agencies, which allows us to bring the right people together for you.

Want to know more? Just leave us your email below or chat with us via the intercom.