Here is marketing put into action

Manage multi-channel marketing plans, put together by internal and external teams in a unified format. Work together in one place. A place for marketers.

A marketing plan with actions from various channels and team members communicating

Marketing's Master Plan

See exactly what activity is planned at what time across most popular marketing and publishing channels. Add keybeats to flag important events -  a launch, a store opening or your 50th company anniversary

Marketing actions on a given day, with one being added
One individual submitting a plan with a note, the admin deciding whether to accept it


Review the contributions to your plan and feedback in a safe place. Only when you are happy with the proposal are the changes applied to your master marketing plan.

Requirements included

Save time when it comes to researching all creative and technical requirements. We have done the work for you - it's ready to share with your teams and agencies.

Someone sharing requirements for a TikTok action with their team

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